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1+1 is not always 2

Aim of the science project: The aim of this science fair project is to demonstrate that 1+1 does not need to be always 2. Materials Required: a clear glass quart jar 1 cup of sugar a measuring cup masking tape a pencil or a pen Procedure Take the jar. Take a  strip of masking tape and place it down the […]

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Simple Test on Cohesion

Cohesion or cohesive force, which is a physical property of a material, is the intermolecular force of attraction between like molecules. For example, there is a force of attraction between the molecules of water which causes them to stick together. This science fair project idea is to prove that cohesion exist between water molecules through a simple test. Aim: To […]

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Science Project on Static Electricity

When two insulated materials like rubber or scale are rubbed together a charge is formed on their surface. This charge is called static electricity. Simply it is the electric charge built up by friction on an insulated material. The following science fair project is to demonstrate the presence of static electricity on an insulated material. Aim: To move a balanced […]

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Swirl milk in a bottle without touching it

Aim: The aim of this science fair project is to create a swirling effect in milk without touching it. Materials Required: One glass of non skimmed milk. (This experiment will work better with milkof higher fat content.) Food colours Vegetable oil How to do the experiment: Without any disturbance, keep the glass of milk on the table. Add single drops […]

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Simple Motor

Aim: To make a simple home-made motor. Materials required: A thick walled paper or plastic cup. Two large metal paper clips. Five small circular or bar magnets. 60 cm of insulated 20 gauge copper wire. Insulation tape. Two code wires- insulated wires with alligator clips on the ends. A 1.5 volt battery or two for better results. Battery holder. Wire […]

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Alpha Waves Sleep Science Fair Projects

Sleep is a great topic for science fair projects. It is a dynamic process that scientists still do not know a lot about. If you are looking for a topic that has the potential to really blow the minds of your peers and teachers, then take a look at how discoveries related to alpha waves produced by the brain are […]

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