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Fading Dot Experiment

Aim: The aim of this kid’s science fair project is to prove that there is a tiny jittering movement for our eyeballs with the help of the fading dot experiment. Materials required: 1.      A sheet of pink paper. 2.      A sheet of blue paper. 3.      A sheet of wax paper in order to cover the pink paper. 4.      A pair […]

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Different Colors on a CD

Aim: To understand the reason behind different colours we see when light reflects off a compact disc. Materials required: 1.A compact disc which cannot be put to use later. 2.A white paper sheet. Procedure: 1.Take the compact disc. Look at the side that is not printed under sunlight. We will see bands of different colours shimmering off the disc’s surface […]

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Alpha Waves Sleep Science Fair Projects

Sleep is a great topic for science fair projects. It is a dynamic process that scientists still do not know a lot about. If you are looking for a topic that has the potential to really blow the minds of your peers and teachers, then take a look at how discoveries related to alpha waves produced by the brain are […]

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