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Heat Wave in a Jar

Heat waves also known as loo are common in summer. Heat can be generated from the suns rays. Heat can also be generated from electricity. In this experiment we can learn how to produce heat chemically. Materials required: Thermometer Vinegar Steel wool An empty jar with a lid Procedure: Place the thermometer in the jar and close it with the lid. […]

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Static Charge Experiment with Rice Krispies

Aim: The aim of this science fair experiment is to demonstrate that static charge exists with the help of rice krispies. Materials Required: 1.      A plate of rice krispies. 2.      A bar of thermoplastic. 3.      A block of wood so that the thermoplastic can be placed 1-3 inches above the table. 4.      Some wool preferably a sweater. Procedure: 1.      Place […]

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Conductivity testing device

Aim: To make a simple device to test the conductivity of objects and find out whether they are good or bad conductors of electricity. Materials required: 1. A small flashlight bulb. 2. A battery. 3. A shoe box. 4. Three pieces of wire, each around 10 cms long. 5. Duct tape. 6. Different conductors to be tested, such as a […]

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Balloon Controlled Roller Experiment

Aim: To make a roller rotate with the help of a balloon. Materials Required: 1.      An empty cylindrical soda can. 2.      An inflated balloon. Procedure: 1.      Place the can on a smooth horizontal table or floor and hold the can such that the can stays still. 2.      Rub the balloon on your hair or take any woolen cloth and rub […]

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