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How Snoring Works

Aim: The aim of this fun science fair project for kids is to conduct a simple experiment to understand how snoring works. Materials required: A sheet of wax paper. A ruler. A pair of scissors. Procedure: Cut out a 15 cm or 6 inch square piece of wax paper. Hold the paper by the sides and bring it up to […]

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Balloon Rocket Experiment

Aim: The aim of this science fair project is to demonstrate the effects of air pressure and thrust.  (A proof to Newton’s Third Law) Materials required: 1.       A balloon. 2.       A straw. 3.       Some duct tape. 4.       Some string. Procedure: 1.       Blow up the balloon. 2.       While holding the end of the balloon closed, use the tape to attach the […]

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Drive a Boat Using Soap

Aim: To study the effect of soap molecules spreading in water using an interesting experiment. Materials required: A large pan with some water in it. Some foil paper. A pair of scissors. A soap solution. A matchstick. Procedure: Perfectly flatten the foil paper using a flat surface and then cut out a ‘boat’ using scissors. (don’t worry, it is just […]

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Create a Tornado in a Bottle

A tornado is a violent rotating column of air but smaller than a hurricane. They have a center called the vortex and a rotating column of air around it. In this science fair project we create a hurricane in water. Aim of the project: To demonstrate a small model of a hurricane. Materials required: Two similar 2 litre plastic bottles […]

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Funny Experiment Using Air Pressure

Aim: The aim of this science fair project is demonstrate to your friends the effects of air pressure using a simple experiment. Materials required: A glass bottle. A straw. Some clay. A marshmallow. A colored pencil. Procedure: Draw a face on the flat face of a marshmallow. Put it into the glass bottle. Take the clay and wrap it around […]

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