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Make a Homemade Barometer

Aim: To make a Homemade Barometer using simple materials. Materials Required: A balloon Colored water A straw Tape A piece pf paper Rubber band A jar Procedure: Cut the balloon in half. Cover the top of the jar with the balloon piece like a lid with the help of a rubber band so that it is completely air tight. Take […]

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Micrometeorites Experiment

Have you been lucky enough to spot a meteor?  If yes, you would have seen a burning object falling to the earth from the night skies. Meteors are considerably smaller than asteroids and are larger than atoms. The gravitational pull of the earth is responsible for pulling the meteor from space to the earth’s crust. It survives its passage through […]

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Moire Pattern Demonstration

What is a Moire Pattern? Although the name does not familiar, you might have seen a Moire pattern. A moiré pattern is an interference pattern formed when two grids are overlaid at an angle. Take two semi transparent layers which have same pattern and overlap them. As you try overlapping then you will see different patterns, these patterns are called […]

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How to Make a Solar System Model

Solar System-An introduction: The solar system consists of the sun and eight planets namely Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. Till recently we had a ninth planet in our solar system called Pluto. But scientists later discovered that Pluto doesn’t qualify as a planet due to various reasons. In the solar system the Sun is located at […]

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