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Weight of a Car Experiment- How much a Car weighs

How much does your car weigh? This is a simple but great science experiment to find out the weight of a car without actually weighing it. Materials Required: Ruler Card boards Tire Gauge Car Note: Make sure you have the assistance of an adult. Principle: This experiment works on the simple principle that the car’s total weight is distributed among […]

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Drive a Boat Using Soap

Aim: To study the effect of soap molecules spreading in water using an interesting experiment. Materials required: A large pan with some water in it. Some foil paper. A pair of scissors. A soap solution. A matchstick. Procedure: Perfectly flatten the foil paper using a flat surface and then cut out a ‘boat’ using scissors. (don’t worry, it is just […]

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Fireproof Balloons Experiment

Fire proof Balloons To raise the temperature of iron is easier than to raise the temperature of water! It takes just 1/10th time to raise the temperature of 1 gram of iron than it does to raise the temperature of 1 gram of water. Water has a unique property of being able to absorb a lot of heat compared to […]

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