How to Make a Kaleidoscope

Aim: To build a basic Kaleidoscope to see colourful 3D patterns. Materials required: Some duct tape. Some coloured paper A pair of scissors. Glue. Three pieces of glass mirror. Procedure: Buy a glass or acrylic mirror of 1/6or 1/8 inch dimension from a shop and have them cut the mirrors into small pieces of 12 inch length with a width […]

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Density Tower Experiment

Aim: The aim of this science fair project is to make a density tower. What is density tower? A density tower is a column of different liquids which are immiscible with each other. Since these liquids are immiscible they form different layers in the liquid column accodring to their densities. Materials Required: In this experiment we are creating a four […]

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Balancing a Stick on Your Finger

Aim: To demonstrate the phenomenon of rotational inertia using a circus trick. Materials required: 1.      A two or three feet long stick or ruler. 2.      Some clay. Procedure: 1.      Take the stick and attach the clay as a lump near one end. 2.      Try to balance the stick on your index finger at the end which is nearer to the […]

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