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Visible Light Spectrum

Aim: To split the white light into its constituent visible spectral colours through the following experiment. Materials required: 1.      A sized piece of white paper or a white cardboard. 2.      A mirror small in size. 3.      A shallow dish/pan large enough to hold the mirror horizontally 4.      Water and an outdoor sunny place. Procedure: 1.      Fill the dish with water. […]

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Fading Dot Experiment

Aim: The aim of this kid’s science fair project is to prove that there is a tiny jittering movement for our eyeballs with the help of the fading dot experiment. Materials required: 1.      A sheet of pink paper. 2.      A sheet of blue paper. 3.      A sheet of wax paper in order to cover the pink paper. 4.      A pair […]

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Lighted Water Denonstration

If we add a color to a jar of water it will get colored. If we pour that water down, the color, which is dissolved in the water, will also go along with it. This science fair project is to experiment the same but using light!! Materials Required: A small glass jar with plastic lid. Thick insulation tape. Some Water […]

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How to Make a Kaleidoscope

Aim: To build a basic Kaleidoscope to see colourful 3D patterns. Materials required: Some duct tape. Some coloured paper A pair of scissors. Glue. Three pieces of glass mirror. Procedure: Buy a glass or acrylic mirror of 1/6or 1/8 inch dimension from a shop and have them cut the mirrors into small pieces of 12 inch length with a width […]

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