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Glue Stick Sun Set Demonstration

The blue sky and the red sunsets are due to the scattering of light by the atmosphere. This can be modelled when light from a flashlight shines through clear glue sticks. Aim: The aim of this science fair project is to model the blue sky and red sunset using simple materials. Materials Required for the Project: 1.      A pencil torch […]

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Repeating Images to Infinity

Aim: To do a simple experiment to see an infinite number of images of an object fading into the distance. Materials required: Two mirrors. Two stands to make the mirrors stand upright. Procedure: Keep the mirrors upright and the reflecting sides facing each other. Keep an object like a bottle in between the two mirrors. If possible paint the sides […]

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Persistence of Vision Experiment with a Stroboscope

Aim: To prove the phenomenon called persistence of vision by creating different visual effects with the help of a rotatingstroboscope. Materials required: 1.      A stroboscopic disc 2.      Hardboard which could keep the disc hard and thick. 3.      Any kind of motor to make the disc rotate (like electric drill which can have adjustable speeds, electric screwdriver or a drill or […]

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