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Sound Through Different Mediums

Aim: To conduct a simple experiment to understand how sound is transmitted through different mediums. Materials required: Coat hanger. A 3 or 4 feet long piece of thread. Procedure: Loop the middle of the thread over the hook of the coat hanger and wraps the ends around the index finger on each of your hands. Stick your index fingers into […]

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Drive a Boat Using Soap

Aim: To study the effect of soap molecules spreading in water using an interesting experiment. Materials required: A large pan with some water in it. Some foil paper. A pair of scissors. A soap solution. A matchstick. Procedure: Perfectly flatten the foil paper using a flat surface and then cut out a ‘boat’ using scissors. (don’t worry, it is just […]

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Catherine Wheel using a Milk Carton

Aim: To demonstrate the working of a Catherine wheel or turbine and understand Newton’s third law using a simple experiment. Materials required: Some water. An empty milk carton. Some string. Procedure: Poke a hole through the top flap of the empty milk carton and use a string to suspend it from the ceiling. Poke holes in the lower right corner […]

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Find the Center of Gravity of a Body

Aim: The aim of this simple science fair project is to demonstrate the concept of center of gravity with a simple experiment. Materials required: 1.      A meter ruler or cane. 2.      Some clay. Procedure: 1.      Take the meter ruler and support it by two fingers at two ends. 2.      Slide your fingers towards each other slowly without unbalancing the ruler. […]

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Static Charge Experiment with Rice Krispies

Aim: The aim of this science fair experiment is to demonstrate that static charge exists with the help of rice krispies. Materials Required: 1.      A plate of rice krispies. 2.      A bar of thermoplastic. 3.      A block of wood so that the thermoplastic can be placed 1-3 inches above the table. 4.      Some wool preferably a sweater. Procedure: 1.      Place […]

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Conductivity testing device

Aim: To make a simple device to test the conductivity of objects and find out whether they are good or bad conductors of electricity. Materials required: 1. A small flashlight bulb. 2. A battery. 3. A shoe box. 4. Three pieces of wire, each around 10 cms long. 5. Duct tape. 6. Different conductors to be tested, such as a […]

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