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Hanging Water Experiment

Aim: The aim of this project is to demonstrate the power of atmospheric pressure by a fun experiment. Materials required: 1)      A piece of paper 2)      Water 3)      An empty bottle Procedure: 1)      Fill the water in the bottle until it overflows 2)      Cove the mouth of the bottle with a small piece of paper. Just place the paper over […]

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Heat Wave in a Jar

Heat waves also known as loo are common in summer. Heat can be generated from the suns rays. Heat can also be generated from electricity. In this experiment we can learn how to produce heat chemically. Materials required: Thermometer Vinegar Steel wool An empty jar with a lid Procedure: Place the thermometer in the jar and close it with the lid. […]

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Make Homemade Geyser

Geysers are natural springs which have the property of discharging hot water and steam into the air intermittently. Have you wondered if you could have one of your own? This science fair project is about building a homemade geyser. Materials needed for the project: Plumber’s  putty Boiling flask One hole rubber stopper Stopwatch Glass tube ( 0.5 to 1 meter […]

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Create Magnetic Circles

Aim: To conduct a simple experiment to demonstrate how a current carrying conductor generates a magnetic field. Materials required: A one foot long coat hanger wire (With any insulation scraped off). A wooden stand with a flat surface at around halfway height. 5 or 6 small compasses. A 6 volt battery. Two electrical lead wires with alligator clips Procedure: Make […]

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