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Simple Science Project to Demonstrate the Effect of Inertia

What is inertia? According to Newton’s second law of motion inertia is the ability of a body to maintain its state of rest or of uniform motion without the application of an external force. The following physics project is a simple experiment to demonstrate inertia. Aim: To demonstrate inertia. Materials Required: Index card nickel drinking glass Procedure: Lay down the […]

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Magnetic Shielding Experiment

Aim: To show that magnetic materials are permeable while others are non-permeable. Materials Required: 1.      A magnetic rectangular bar. 2.      Two cardboard (5cms*7cms). 3.      Two pencils 4.      Five or six clips. 5.      Straw or ice cream stick or any nonmagnetic material. 6.      Any strip of metal (or even a metallic knife). 7.      Glue or duct tape. Procedure: 1.      Paste the […]

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Crazy pendulum Experiment

Aim: To understand the chaotic motion of a pendulum under the influence of magnetism. Materials required: 7 ring magnets. A ring stand. Some chalk. String. Procedure: Arrange the magnets in pairs so that they stick together magnetically. Arrange these pairs at the corners of an equilateral triangle on the base of the ring stand. Hang a magnet from the ring […]

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